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Honduran Emerald
Lovely Cotinga
Agami Heron
Cerro de las Minas
Tody Motmot
Brown Violetear
Sparkling-tailed Woodstar
Blue Morpho
Golden-hooded Tanager
Golden-mantled Howler Monkey
Blue-throated Motmot
Cayos Cochinos
Ocellated Quail
Green Spiny Lizard
King Vulture
Lake Yojoa
Turquoise-browed Motmot
Ferruginous Pygmy Owl
White-necked Jacobin
Bushy-crested Jay
Wine-throated Hummingbird
Pink Boa
White-fronted Parrot


Scarlet Passionflower
Black Thrush
Honduran Brookfrog
Chestnut-colored Woodpecker


Beaks and Peaks is an ethically and ecologically responsible birding and adventure tour company based in Gracias Lempira, Honduras. Sustainability, authenticity and diversity are the core values our company is built on. In combining the extensive knowledge and experience of Honduras’ very best guides and naturalists with the hospitality and authenticity of the local communities we strive to create a successful, productive partnership that benefits all.

Living here we have in-depth knowledge of local politics, economics and culture. We are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the country and the society we live in. In the first place we aim at showing you those strengths: the unspoilt natural beauty, the charming local people, the stunning flora and fauna. But we also need to protect that natural beauty and aim at bettering the lives of the people. We therefore try to involve local communities, businesses and guides into our tours where possible and we support several projects which we believe will contribute to raising the standard of living and protecting our natural resources.

Beaks and Peaks does not just offer tours. We seek to offer experiences — unique, authentic, unforgettable experiences. We want to create memories you will want to share with your friends, colleagues and family back home. And in doing so we hope strive to change the world… your world, our world, our people’s world.

Honduras is a beautiful, remarkably diverse country that has an extraordinary range of experiences to offer to the adventurous traveler, from discovering the amazing avifauna or visiting spectacular mountains and forests to exploring the Pacific and Caribbean coasts and having a taste of the true Hondureño culture. We at Beaks and Peaks make it our mission to reveal Honduras’ stunning, vibrant true colors to adventurous travelers. And what better way to experience this beauty than by spotting colorful exotic birds, hiking through virgin cloud forests or listening to the enthralling stories of the local people?


Honduras is the heart of Central America. The country is sandwiched between Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. It has a long coastline in the north, on the Caribbean Sea, and a small piece on the Pacific coast in the south, the Gulf of Fonseca. The capital is Tegucigalpa, often abbreviated to Tegus. San Pedro Sula is the second largest city in the country and the economic center. Other towns of any size are La Ceiba on the north coast and the twin cities La Esperanza and Intibucá in the central highlands.

Honduras is a mountainous country (the highest point being Cerro de las Minas in Celaque NP, towering an impressive 2849m above sea level), with a whole range of vegetation and habitat types: rainforest, deciduous forest, pine forest, mangrove, sandy beaches (pearly white on the north coast, volcanic black in the south), cloud forests, and so on. That diversity in ecosystems also explains the huge variety of birds (776 species to date, and more are being discovered regularly), insects, plants, mammals…

Since Honduras has not yet been discovered by the big crowds of tourists, there are still many unspoiled natural places. Here you can still spend hours or days wandering the mountains and forests without ever encountering even one other person. Honduras is therefore a paradise for any nature lover.



William Orellana – General Manager and Tour Leader

William started watching birds at an early age in his hometown Gracias, Lempira, Honduras. William’s first career was with the government, where he eventually became a math professor and later worked for a NGO helping communities to develop.

He wisely decided on a complete change of career and started birding in 2005, rapidly becoming a key member of the Honduran Ornithology Association of Honduras (ASHO). William is also one of the best bird photographers throughout the country of Honduras.

William has travelled extensively in search of birds, visiting over 15 countries in Asia, Europe, North America and Central America. He has spent considerable time in the field. He also created the first youth birdwatching club in Honduras named Tanunas. William has a long experience and skills to show you the best of Honduras.


Katinka Domen – Operations Manager and Tour Leader

Katinka was born and raised in Belgium, where she started her professional life as an interpreter. However, a more hands-on career in ecotourism had always attracted her, so when the opportunity presented itself, she waved her old life goodbye and crossed the Atlantic to settle in her new home.

During her extensive travels in Europe, Africa, Australia and the Americas, Katinka has always insisted on traveling with an open mind, supporting local communities, learning about other cultures, and protecting the environment. A mindset she now applies in her work with Beaks and Peaks.

Katinka has built up a portfolio of adventure and birding tours, and rapidly became one of Honduras’ top birders and guides. Given her multilingual background, she can guide you in English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish. Katinka likes nothing better than introducing this magnificent country she now calls home to other visitors, and her enthusiasm and sense of adventure will no doubt kindle a passion for Honduras with anyone who visits.


Quetzal Expedition and Conservation Efforts at Lake Yojoa

Paulina Heule May. 28, 2017

My fiancé and I loved every moment of our time with Beaks and Peaks! While on our tour, we had the amazing opportunity to see a whole GROUP of Resplendent Quetzals. We also saw beautiful Motmots and stunning Toucans, among other great species. The landscape is gorgeous and we loved that we were out for hours and didn’t run into any other groups. Honduras is truly a hidden gem and perfect for people who want something more unique and exclusive. We really felt like we were a part of the beautiful nature.

Our guide William Orellana was extremely professional, knowledgeable, kind, and overall fun and easy to be around! We are new to birding, but William taught us the basics with patience and humility– plus helped our untrained eyes spot all the amazing birds! William goes beyond giving a simple tour. His passion for the birds and for conserving his country is palpable and contagious.

Moreover, our tour was unique because not only were we able to see magnificent and breathtaking species, but William also taught us so much about the area and about the conservation efforts they are working on. For instance, Beaks and Peaks supports local people who are trying to prevent deforestation. One of our expeditions was not only led by William, but also by one of William’s local Lake Yajoa partners, Leonel. We were able to see Leonel’s house and have a traditional breakfast in his home, made by his wife. This cultural experience really complemented our visit and helped us feel even more connected to the country. It was truly special to be a part of the conservation efforts going on in Honduras. Don’t miss out on seeing this beautiful country with Beaks and Peaks – You will not regret it!

Private birding tour – April 2017

Craig and Dawn Brooks May. 14, 2017

We visited Honduras last year for a hummingbird photography tour and were left with the feeling that there was much more to see and do. So we soon signed up for another, longer tour with Beaks and Peaks this year. We wanted to visit some different places as well as visiting a couple of our favourites from last year. Our tour started in Tegucigalpa and we then worked our way west to Copan and then north to the Caribbean coast where we stayed on Guanaja. We visited various different birding habitats and saw some great birds. This year we managed to get much better views of the wine throated humming bird, and saw a whole range of mot mots and trogons, American migrants and local rarities. We enjoyed every place we stayed for different reasons. We enjoyed our breakfasts with local families, views of migrating swallows, swifts and hawks, walking round the town of Gracias with William, and visiting the ruins of Copan. At no point did we feel threatened or unsafe, and neither did we see any trouble or experience any issues. The security issues in Honduras seem to be vastly overstated. Honduras is a great birding destination, with friendly people who have a passion and enthusiasm for their country. We stayed in some truly excellent accommodation, particularly La Villa de Soledad as an example. Once again we enjoyed Guanaja both birding and snorkelling – the island really is like paradise and there are some great people who looked after us well. It was a great way to finish holiday.

I would highly recommend Beaks and Peaks as a birding tour operator. Whilst we stuck to our overall itinerary William took account of local conditions and how we felt to ensure that we got the best out of every day. William was keen to show us his country of which he is immensely proud and share his absolute passion for the birds. He always tried his best to get us onto a bird …. but there is always one to go back for. We enjoyed each and every minute of our holiday and will always remember it.

Honduras is a surprising delight

Coen van der Heijden May. 5, 2017

I’ll be honest: going into this fourteen-day-trip, I had very little idea of what to expect. Information on Honduras is hard to come by. Friends visiting Central America skipped it, heeding warnings on crime. And not being particularly interested in birds in a company of friends that are, in a country that’s supposed to be birders’ paradise, worried me.

Luckily, I can say all my doubts and worries were unfounded. Honduras is paradise for birders and non-birders alike, if you know where to look. And Beaks and Peaks’ Katinka and William make sure you’ll know!

Beaks and Peaks arranged a busy schedule for our group of five, making sure we’d get to see as much of Honduras’ delights as possible in the short fourteen-day-period. We started in Copan, visiting the picturesque town and the overwhelming Mayan archeological site. We found the Honduran Emerald, had a strenuous hike in the Celaque national park and an informative guided stroll through Gracias. We learned how coffee is produced and how it should taste at the Finca Santa Elena. We kayaked the magnificent lake at Yojoa, walked the Quetzal trail in the nearby mountains and watched the sun set over the lake. Hundreds of hummingbirds greeted us at Rio Santiago. We boarded the only operating train in Honduras to get to a fantastic mangrove forest, the habitat of howler monkeys and all sorts of kingfishers and waterbirds alike. Pico Bonito national park rewarded us with views and waterfalls after a second serious hike and the neighbouring Rio Cangrejal had us rafting downstream. And to top it all off, our stay ended at the gorgeous island of Guanaja, where we snorkeled the reef, swam in the Caribbean Sea and had a picnic under a waterfall.

Having visited Honduras, seen its spectacular sights and met its warm and welcoming people, I’d more than recommend it to everyone interested. And if you do, please consider Beaks and Peaks as your tour operator. Katinka and William don’t only have great knowledge when it comes to birds, they know the country, they love it and its people. Their business isn’t exploitative, but caring, cultivating and sustaining. There’s an inner drive there to show us, you, what it is that made them fell in love with Honduras. And honestly, after two weeks, it’s impossible to disagree.

Lake Yojoa Birding Blitz was amazing!

Jody Enck Nov. 29, 2016

I went on six field trips over the course of three days, and saw more than 200 species of birds. The range of habitats visited was great, including open lake and associated wetlands, lowland forest, and cloud forest. I got to go birding with members of most of the bird clubs in Honduras, and found out about all of the birding opportunities and conservation efforts going on in other parts of the country. I highly recommend this experience for anyone who has never been to Honduras, but wants to get a great introduction to the birds, habitats, and people in this safe, friendly country.

Hummingbird Photography Tour July 2016

Craig and Dawn Brooks Jul. 20, 2016

We took part in a 10 day Hummingbird photography tour starting in Tegucigalpa and ending in Pico Bonito Lodge, nr La Ceiba. From start to finish the tour worked as planned. Accommodation was generally very good with just one night where the accommodation was basic – we were told about this – and some nights where the accommodation was very good – at Panacam Lodge and Pico Bonito. Throughout the tour our guides William and Katinka were attentive to detail and very easy to get along with – nothing was too much trouble. We particularly enjoyed early morning breakfasts in the field, often with local food which was a nice touch, it was very good. We even had one day when in the middle of nowhere we had take out pizza – I’m not sure how they did it, but it was lovely, a nice change. We had no upset tummies as there was always hand cleaning gel available. From a bird watching perspective this tour is exactly as per the title, and we went to some lengths to see different and more specialised birds in more challenging locations, as well as some easier feeder visits. Of the just over 40 hummingbird species available in Honduras the trip recorded 31 in 10 days! We really enjoyed visiting Guanaja – the whole experience of the flight, short boat ride and laid back feel on the island. The whole experience was so good we have already booked to go back to do some more general birding!! Cannot wait.

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