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Blue Sky Wildlife

Blue Sky Wildlife offers a unique collection of established and award winning tour operators and companies offering responsible ecotourism experiences and unique wildlife tours from around the world. Blue Sky Wildlife makes it easy to search through a variety of wildlife interests including birds, butterflies, dragonflies, mammals, reptiles, plants and wildflowers. Beaks and Peaks is proud be listed on Blue Sky Wildlife.

Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation – Missouri, USA

The Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable organization that helps meet financial needs placed on natural resource conservation and conservation-related outdoor recreation.

Finca Santa Elena – San Juan, Honduras

Finca Santa Elena does not only produce some of the finest Honduran coffee, it also offers an interesting tour showing you the ins and outs of the coffee process – a cupping session afterwards is included too, yum! On top of that, Finca Santa Elena has several beautiful cabins, located around nicely tended gardens surrounded by pine forest, and their own farm and vegetable garden provides fresh ingredients for the excellent restaurant. The owners have also taken an interest in birding, and are now working with us to make the finca more bird- and birder-friendly!

Manakin Nature Tours – Colombia

Manakin Nature Tours is the company of Luis Eduardo Urueña and Johana Andrea Borras, a couple committed to the conservation of nature and to birding tours of the highest quality. Manakin Nature Tours uses only Colombian resources because they want to enhance the growth of the country by hiring Colombian professionals, its hotelier, transport, and catering services and by supporting community projects.

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