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Montaña Santa Bárbara
La Fuente de Vida – The Source of Life

The Santa Bárbara mountains are the stunning decor of this great community and ecotourism project

Rising majestically above the beautiful Lake Yojoa in central Honduras is one of the country’s more impressive mountain ranges – Montaña Santa Bárbara. Here, the combination of volcanic and limestone landscapes surrounding the lake supports a rich diversity of habitat types and a corresponding diversity of plants and animals. Nestled into the mountains are small friendly communities that make their living from growing coffee and subsistence agriculture.

What is different about this region, however, is that three communities on the northern side of the mountain are working together to develop new sources of income based on ethical and sustainable tourism that, hopefully, will enable them to improve their livelihood while protecting the environment and maintaining their cultural values. This project aims to build the capacity of local communities to manage the ecotourism opportunities and develop and implement conservation programs on their own terms rather than being overwhelmed by external commercial interests.

The project is in its infancy but by visiting this region you will have the chance to witness an inspiring conservation effort in a spectacular landscape, interact with the friendly people of the local villages, and experience some of the best birding that Honduras has to offer!

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